Go on a Photo Tour of Courtney Love’s West Village Townhome

12/19/2011 1:13 PM |


  • Peter Murdock

Courtney Love’s West Village townhouse is really, really nice — almost looks like my apartment, hahaha lol, based on what I can gather from a photo essay published by xoJane, the online publication helmed by Jane Pratt where Love periodically contributes as an auxiliary editor. It appears Court’s going for an Alice in Wonderland meets Edward Gorey storybook look, decking rooms out in elegant, feminine antiques, and it would appear that she has not “wrecked the place” as, you may recall, her landlord claims.

Take a look for yourself here. Among the many highlights is a gothy-twee Gretchen Ryan painting of a little girl about to throw herself off a cliff (twisted!), ballet slippers hanging in the window (pretty!), an ornate chair that was supposedly a gift from Kurt (sad), snapshots of a toddler-age Frances Bean (sweet), and a blanket whose needlepoint reads “I DID SURVIVE” (f-you, naysayers!).