Hipster Christmas Tree Takes Root in McCarren Park

12/12/2011 9:48 AM |

(Courtesy New York Shitty)

Rockefeller Center has its obscenely large Christmas tree, the Met has its astonishingly beautiful art history-themed conifer, and now Williamsburg has a holiday tree of its own, one that didn’t require the murder of a single sapling. This weekend the above approximation of an evergreen appeared on the fence of the cement ball field at McCarren Park, at the corner of Bedford and North 12th.

With its silhouette of PBR cans, garlands of plastic take-out bags, ornaments of sneakers spray-painted red and green, and crowning star of MetroCards, it’s the most hipster-baity piece of street art the neighborhood’s seen since the actual hipster traps. It’s also probably not going to survive until Christmas, so be sure to pay it a visit—and perhaps contribute a brightly colored sneaker—soon.

(Courtesy New York Shitty)

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