Jens Lekman Has Skype Conversation With His 17-Year-Old Self

12/28/2011 1:14 PM |

Love your hair. Really? Yes.

  • “Love your hair.” “Really?” “Yes.”

Celebrated Swedish crooner Jens Lekman posted a tender little inner monologue to his website on Christmas Day, an imagined Skype conversation with his teenage self (pictured). The past and present’s exchange was full of hair compliments and relationship wisdom, but also mentioned that the present Lekman will be putting the finishing touches on his new 2012 full-length in the next month. The record, present Lekman says, is written about post-relationship healing, both for the heartbroken and heartbreaker, as well as for people who “wake up choking under the sheets of relationships.” “Sounds boring and middle-aged,” said teenage Lekman. “It probably is [sic] but hey, I’m not seventeen anymore,” replied current Lekman. You can read the whole adorable exchange in the entry for Dec. 25 here.