Late Addition to Your Christmas List: A Subscription to Matador’s New 7-Inch Singles Series

12/16/2011 11:51 AM |


Tonight on Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Aren’t Only Acceptable, But Awesome: a subscription to Matador Records’ “Singles Going Home Alone” 7-inch series. The revered label is set to release a string of six singles over the course of next year as part of a just-launched subscription club, each installment featuring rare, exclusive tracks from both Matador recording artists and non. Says Matador:

The first in the series will be the long-rumored split 7-inch between Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks and L.A. Guns, with the former covering the latter’s “Wheels of Fire” and Tracii & Co. tackling the latter’s “Gorgeous George.” We’ve waited nearly 23 years to tell the world L.A. Guns are Matador Recording Artists, and finally we can say it at parties without lying.

Up next comes new tracks from Austin-based OBN III in March, followed by a 7-inch from Brooklyn’s very own The Men in May. As for the remaining three installments, it’s anyone’s guess, as Matador points out, “Keep in mind we just said we’re putting out a record with L.A. Guns. Surprises are relative.” A subscription to the series will cost you — or the parent/sibling/aunt/uncle/significant other who is buying it for you — $45 for U.S. residents, and also includes a “special secret bonus item,” a tote bag, and 10 percent discount on the Matador Store throughout 2012 on items not already discounted. Now all you want for Christmas is a hula hoop and a subscription to “Singles Going Home Alone.” We’ll let your parents/siblings/aunts/uncles/significant other know they can order the latter here.