Missing Ditmas Park Cafe Owner Case “No Longer a Criminal Matter”?

12/06/2011 8:57 AM |


Josh Rubin, owner of the now-closed Whisk Cafe on Newkirk Avenue, hasn’t been seen or heard from since Halloween, inspiring an unparalleled borough-wide missing-persons postering effort. But police recently transferred his case to its Missing Persons division, the Brooklyn Paper reports, signaling perhaps that the NYPD no longer believes his disappearance to be a criminal matter.

“A lot of grown-ups decide they want to disappear for a little bit,” a professor told the paper. Rubin’s family has hired a private detective, who’s currently focusing his efforts on Coney Island thanks to an anonymous tip, after coming up empty at local shelters and Occupy Wall Street.

Rubin is an insulin-dependent diabetic. “With diabetics,” Rubin’s sister explained to the Ditmas Park Blog, “if your blood-sugar gets to a certain level and it’s not maintained or taken care of, you can forget who you are, you can forget you’re a diabetic, you can go into organ failure. That is at the center of our concerns, and that’s why the hospitals are such an important part of our search.” There’s a $5,000 reward from his family.