Missing Ditmas Park Cafe Owner’s Body Identified

12/22/2011 10:05 AM |


Missing Ditmas Park cafe owner Josh Rubin’s body was identified by authorities yesterday, the Post reports. Rubin, who’d been missing since Halloween, was shot to death in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania on November 1; his body was burned and found along a rural road by a “public works employee who was cleaning up tree branches after a weekend snowstorm,” the South Whitehall Patch reported. Days after the body was discovered, Rubin’s credit card was used at outlet stores upstate, but as of now police have no suspects.

It took investigators six weeks to identify Rubin. “The condition of the body made it very tough on all the forces working on the case,” a local Pennsylvania TV station reports, “mainly because all they found were skeletal remains.” Local police had released composite drawings of what they believed the victim to look like.

Rubin’s cafe, Whisk, has been shuttered since his disappearance, and the landlord has begun proceedings to reclaim the property, the Ditmas Park Blog reports.

Missing posters had been plastered all over Brooklyn, from Bay Ridge to DUMBO, making Rubin a popular figure in the local culture. One commenter at the Ditmas Park Blog sums it up:

I didn’t know Josh, but I feels as if I did because I have seen the missing-person flyers all over Park Slope the past few months. I still remember the first time I saw his face on the window of Key Foods on 8th Avenue. He looked like many of my friends, and he had—what looked like—one of those contagious smiles. He looks likes such a decent person who obviously was loved.

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  • First and foremost, I would like to extend my heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Josh. Over the summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Josh, as he was usually shopping at the neighborhood Hardware Store. He was always there purchasing things to complete his cafe and prepare for his grand opening. He was a genuinely kind person with a great disposition. Very friendly, and seemed so excited about opening his new business. When I first went to the Cafe, I was so amazed at what a fine job he did… the place was cozy, comfortable, and very welcoming.
    When learning about his disappearance, I was heartbroken, and helped in effort to find him, Posting flyers and handing out flyers at the Hardware Store. I prayed that they would find him alive and well. Unfortunately, he was found… having been tragically killed. I pray now that his soul be in peace, and that they bring justice for him. Josh’s dream came true(in opening his cafe), but it was too short lived. I am very sad, as many are with this great loss. As per the rumors, please… the foolishness of being bipolar or owning money was unnecessary to even post by the media, even if it were true… it does not define the man he was, and its insulting. From the little I knew of him, he was an extremely decent human being, and absolutely undeserving of the tragedy that ended his life. God Bless your soul Josh… may you rest in peace.