New York Press to Relaunch as a Website, Sorta, Maybe?

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12/07/2011 2:02 PM |


Capital NY’s Joe Pompeo notes that Manhattan Media, the local-paper consortium which bought the alt-weekly New York Press a few years ago and closed it down this summer, is looking to keep the brand alive, by splurging for original content to go along with the Manhattan Media news and arts coverage currently aggregated on the old NY Press website.

“It will be the quintessential website for the savvy Manhattanite,” Manhattan Media publisher Tom Allon told Pompeo. “It is our intention that this will become Mayor Bloomberg’s homepage.” Mayor Bloomberg’s current homepage, one would imagine, is probably

Anyway. “The irony,” Pompeo reports, is that the Press neglected the website in its print days:

There was no editorial budget for freelance columnists on the web that were not to appear in print…

Most writers would file their online copy gratis, save $20 here or $25 there for the occassional party item or some other reported feature.

Nor was there any dedicated web staff. Rather, the paper’s two editors and an army of unpaid interns would generate the 10-12 items for the web every day.

[Pulls shirt collar away from neck with index finger, looks left, looks right]