NYC Children Less Chubby

12/16/2011 12:43 PM |


More than one in five New York City schoolchildren are obese. But this is good news, because the 20.7 percent obesity rate is 5.5 percent lower than it was five years ago, the Times reports—the biggest drop of any major American city and the first time it fell in decades.

While the 5.5 percent drop may seem slight, [the city’s health commissioner] said, “What’s impressive is the fact that it’s falling at all.”

The declines were sharpest among white and Asian children, middle-class children, and younger children (like, Kindergarten).

Credit is being given to negative advertising campaigns against soda, healthier school-lunch options, and restrictions on what’s available in school vending-machines, though the study was careful to say that a causal relationship between these factors and the declining obesity rate “cannot be inferred.”