Occupy Art NYC Petitions for Access to Public Art Space on Canal Street

12/14/2011 9:47 AM |

(Courtesy LMCC, LentSpace)

  • (Courtesy LMCC, LentSpace)

The LentSpace, a quadrangle of undeveloped land at the corner of Canal Street and Sixth Avenue that was turned into a public art space in 2009 by architects Interboro Partners is at the top of Occupy Art NYC‘s holiday wishlist. The Occupy Wall Street-affiliated group is petitioning the Lower Manhattan Culture Council—which administers LentSpace—for use of the currently inactive outdoor space.

The LentSpace (aka Duarte Square) was briefly occupied last month following the Zuccotti Park eviction on November 15. This time there will be no hunger strike. In an open letter to LMCC Occupy Art NYC pleads:

Use of this outdoor common space is vital for the expansion of the movement’s creative and transformative work for positive social change, which we believe brilliantly aligns with LMCC’s stated mission for LentSpace as “a free outdoor cultural space open to the public,…a model for land use citywide.”

Before setting a deadline for affirmation of today, December 14th, the open letter asserts:

For this reason, the undersigned members of the arts, cultural and allied communities call upon you, as a stakeholder of Duarte Square, to endorse the creative occupation of LentSpace as a powerful and imperative expression of free speech and the open exercise of our rights of assembly.

Those undersigned, incidentally, include some very big names, like Laurie Anderson, Lou Reed, Salman Rushdie, Kara Walker, Martha Rosler, Hal Foster, and hundreds more artists, curators, performers, writers, professors, gallerists and arts administrators.