Panda Bear Releases a Video for the One Really Good Song on Tomboy

12/20/2011 1:17 PM |

Going to let you guys in on a secret. Tomboy did not make it on our list of the year’s top 25 albums. Wasn’t even up for discussion. It hurts to say this (I, um, tend to wear my love for Animal Collective and Animal Collective solo projects on my sleeve), but it actually wound up on another list. You’re going to be able to find out which tomorrow when The L‘s year-end issue piles up in orange curbside distribution boxes and floats through cyberspace, which is most certainly a plug. Until then, I’ll just say this: If all of Tomboy resembled an underwater gospel choir led by Enya’s little brother, as lead track “You Can Count on Me” so effortlessly does, then it would’ve had a shot at the top. Oh, look. Now there’s a video for it.*

*And it features a dog licking its nose, ah!