Prospect Park’s Free Wireless Finally Switched on

12/21/2011 2:50 PM |

Theres wireless here now, really.

  • There’s wireless here now, really.

Last month we excitedly reported that the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation’s partnership with AT&T to bring free wireless internet to Brooklyn parks had just launched in Prospect Park, but it turns out there were a few bugs to work out before Slopers could begin blogging while dog-walking. The free wireless finally went live from the Picnic House last week, but how far does it reach?

The new internet signal broadcasts to all areas within 350 feet of the picnic house, which will prove handy for all those midwinter picnickers who brought their laptops. An AT&T spokesperson told the Brooklyn Paper that the hook-up was launched in the colder months so that, by springtime, the service will be glitch-free for the throngs of fair-weather outdoorsy types.

Park-goers asked for comment by the Paper seem predictably split on the service’s usefulness. Chris Hemmeter, who sprawled in the grass until the reporter approached him, seemed correspondingly irritated by the internet’s incursion into his experience of manicured nature: “You can’t be connected all the time.” On the other hand, Bushwick resident Ayjy Bhardwaj saw value in the free service:

I’d rather come to the park than Starbucks for WiFi. […] The problem with Starbucks and cafes is that you have to buy something. But here, you can sit anywhere. There’s no pressure.

In other news, The L is finally going office-less. If you need us, our entire staff will be huddled around a picnic table in Prospect Park, illuminated by the glow of our laptops, for the foreseeable future.