Six Nissan Leaf Vehicles to Pilot NYC Electric Taxi Program

12/27/2011 1:42 PM |


In the spring of 2012, one type of “taxi of tomorrow” will be making its debut on city streets. The city is to receive six Nissan Leaf Electric Vehicles (EVs) to pilot an electric taxi program, only three of which will be available at any given time.

In 2007, Mayor Bloomberg announced that all New York City taxis would be hybrids by 2012, and since, Ford has closed production of the Crown Victoria and Lincoln Town Car, the traditional taxis we know well. Four kinds of hybrid taxis have already been introduced to the streets, now making up 35 percent of the fleet, but the Nissan Leaf will be the first all-electric taxi of its kind.

The Leaf is a zero emissions car, but it requires that charging stations be placed throughout the city. Until now, lacking that infrastructure has been the major obstacle to developing an electric fleet. Now, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission is announcing that charging stations will be made available in garages, potentially airports and even at the homes of Leaf owners.

In 2008, the US EPA found fossil fuel combustion from transportation to make up 27 percent of our national greenhouse gas emissions. Even though New York City’s pilot program is just a testing stage, it’s still a significant step forward in the city’s ambitious climate mitigation strategy. It also doesn’t hurt that the Nissan Leaf looks really snazzy. Just saying.

[via Daily Tech]

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