Study Finds Teen Sexting Not That Big a Deal So Relax Already, Sheesh

12/05/2011 12:11 PM |

Dont worry, its probably not a sext.

  • Don’t worry, it’s probably not a sext.

Following last week’s “men don’t ACTUALLY think about sex every seven seconds” revelation, today in studies proving what anyone with common sense already knew, we have “all teens not actually sexting all the time”. A study has shown that only 1% of kids age 10-17 have texted someone an explicit picture of themselves. Which, duh, right? I know the kids today are unfathomable with their facebooks and whatever but it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that they mostly don’t send around naked pictures of themselves.

The research suggests texting of sexual photos among younger kids is extremely rare but more common among older teens.

The results are reassuring, showing that teen sexting isn’t rampant, usually isn’t malicious, and is generally not something parents should panic over, said lead author Kimberly Mitchell, a research assistant psychology professor at the University of New Hampshire.

Previous reports said as many as one in five young people — 20 percent — have participated in sexting. But some surveys included older teens and people in their early 20s. And some used definitions of sexting that included racy text messages without photos, or images “no more revealing than what someone might see at a beach,” authors of the new study said.


The research shows that sexting can range from incidents that some teen health experts consider typical adolescent exploring — the 21st century version of sneaking a look at dad’s Playboy magazine, to malicious cases with serious consequences made possible by today’s technology.

So basically like, the same way that back in the dark times before the internet there were a couple of kids who were sexually active and a lot of kids talking about those kids/pretending they’re sexually active? So people are pretty much the same, except for now we have technology instead of a stack of Hustlers some older kids left in the woods and that one girl that everybody knows blew a guy in the back of the band bus? Right.

Now that that’s settled, I hope they can divert some of that grant money into studying what’s up with these jelly bracelet parties. I hear that black jellies mean you’re down to clown, but I’d really appreciate some peer-reviewed figures on it.