This Right Here is Our 10,000th Post!

12/15/2011 1:54 PM |

This is how many bucks we feel like today.

  • This is how many bucks we feel like today.

Holy shit this is our 10,000th blog post! We figured it out because it took us 9,999 clicks to get back to our very first post, which consists of one word that is a broken link to some kind of internet Illuminati group of which we’re apparently no longer members. Our second post ever is similarly unexciting, but our third is… an actual blog post.

It dates from November 14, 2007, and in it, Mark Asch files an update on the professional whereabouts of former Voice columnist Toni Schlesinger, noting the launch of her then-new weekly comic collaboration with illustrator Tom Bachtell, Kansas O’Flaherty…Secret Agent, for

What’s Schlesinger up to 9,997 L Mag blog posts later? Tweeting and updating her blog very sporadically with links to her stories about the world’s largest cruise ship for the Times‘ travel section. Where will she be when we reach 20,000 or 100,000 posts? Stay tuned…

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