Today is World AIDS Day

12/01/2011 12:54 PM |


Today is World AIDS Day, a day of AIDS prevention awareness, mourning for loved ones lost to AIDS, and celebration and support for people living with AIDS. Approximately 30 years ago, the first cases of HIV and AIDS were reported in the U.S., and though we’ve made big strides in prevention and treatment, there were still 2.7 million new HIV infections worldwide last year. Many, many, many too many. There’s so much going on internet-wide today that I’m just going to point you toward some further reading and urge you to please, today and every day, get tested, know your status, and practice safer sex.

*John-Manuel Andriote writes in the Atlantic about how AIDS in America is still very much a gay disease.

*The Atlantic’s tumblr is collecting personal stories about how AIDS has affected our lives. Submit your story, if you want!

*President Obama announced new treatment and prevention initiatives today, including a commitment to getting antiretroviral drugs to 2 million more people around the world by 2013.

*A new study on mice shows some promise in preventing new infections.

*The UN World AIDS Day site explains the goals of this year’s “getting to zero” campaign.

*Annie Lennox writes about mothers2mothers, an African NGO that actually sounds really amazing in that they employ women living with AIDS in several sub-Sarahan countries to lead support groups and do outreach on preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission, rather than just sending over some wide-eyed American white chicks to talk about condoms or whatever. Read some of their mentor mother stories. They are amazing.

*Lastly, via @projectBOSSorg, you can text your zip code to 566948 and find out where you can get free testing in your area.