Two More Hanksy Murals Spotted on the Lower East Side

12/08/2011 10:32 AM |

(Courtesy Bowery Boogie)

Hanksy, the Tom Hanks-referencing, Banksy-parodying street artist upon whom we bestowed our “Best Hipster-Bait-y Street Art” award in August, is back. Two new pieces were spotted this week on the Lower East Side: one features Hanks circa A League of Their Own as a peeing dog, and the other has him as a maid. See them both in full below.

(Courtesy Bowery Boogie)

  • (Courtesy Bowery Boogie)

The peeing dog, a reference to a famous scene in A League of Their Own, is a parody of this Banksy piece It’s on Mulberry Street, near where the original Hanksy was spotted. The maid sweeping money under the building (below), meanwhile, parodies this famous Banksy mural and references the 1986 home renovation rom-com The Money Pit.

(Courtesy Wooster Collective)