William Giraldo is NOT a Sexual Assaulter

12/13/2011 1:59 PM |



William Giraldo was the first man arrested in connection with the West Brooklyn Groper case that would involve twenty victims and as many as four suspects over the course of the summer and autumn. Problem was he was innocent. Giraldo appeared on security footage from a Dunkin Donuts that one victim had visited before she was attacked. (Moral of the story: never ever go to Dunkin Donuts?) When the video was released to news media, Giraldo turned himself in, hours before his wedding, to clear his name. Instead, cops arrested him, leaked his name to the media, and left him in a cell in Riker’s for a month and a half. DNA tests eventually proved his innocence.

Fucked in Park Slope writes:

Giraldo says that the arrest ruined his life. He’s having trouble finding work because when you type his name into The Google Machine, you get links to a shit-ton of articles about his arrest, but not about his exoneration.

We figured the least we could do was our part to try to set the record straight.

Let us also use this moment to go back and look at comments on the original Post article that included security photos of Giraldo before he had been identified:

“Just shoot him in the head and save the tax papers some money. I’ll do it.”
“Boil his genitals.”
“I hope the next woman he tries is armed and blows his heads, both of them, off!”
“Death warrant. Plain and simple. Kill this freak of nature. And be done with it. Potter’s field.”
“do what the Chinese Gov’t would do, Cut off his weiner….. LOL”

Whoopsies! And these are just the first five comments, not even a best worst of.

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