Your Grammy Nominations Recap, Or Why It’s Stupid to Get All Worked Up About the Grammy Nominations

12/01/2011 12:05 PM |


This year’s Grammy nominations were announced last night, during a live, televised show featuring ten performances, I gather by artists who were likely to be nominated. I don’t know, I didn’t watch, because, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony was on, and that shit fills my heart with joy, which I much prefer to the uncontrollable anger I would have felt watching the Grammys thing.

In going over the list of nominees this morning, and trying to find things to poke fun at or be positively outraged over, I’m sort of coming up empty. I suppose I’m on board with the general claim that Beyoncé’s 4 was robbed, but I also can’t find the strength to get too angry about it: despite containing some of her most likable work ever, I felt like the record itself was overshadowed by her pregnancy, at least in terms of what people were most likely talking about when they were talking about Beyoncé this year. It’s not right, but… I don’t know. Expecting the Grammys to be “right” is something we were supposed to have stopped doing a long, long time ago, back when we decided to be smart and define ourselves, for better or worse, in opposition to all this silliness. Remember that? It’s still totally ok to do that!

But. But! A reminder: If you decide to maintain your anti-Grammys stance, you’re not allowed to walk around all proud that one of your people got a nod of approval from whoever the fuck it is that votes on these things. It didn’t mean anything that Justin Vernon didn’t get nominated for the first Bon Iver record, For Emma, Forever Ago, just as it doesn’t mean anything that he did get nominated for this last one. You’re not allowed to bring it up in conversation with your parents, in hopes that they’ll think you’re less strange or more legitimately on the cutting edge or whatever, and you’re sure as fuck not allowed to bring it up in conversation with your peers while, say, arguing about the best albums of the year while drinking at your local bar. As far as the music is concerned, as opposed to what it may or may not represent in terms of the changing tastes of the general public, it’s a non-starter, just as you’ve always known it to be.

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  • I don’t understand why everyone thinks Beyonce’s 4 was robbed I sure don’t, it just doesn’t stand up against all the other albums that were released this year. The album is forgettable and not her best, I think we’ve seen the best from her already. She got 16 grammys so now it’s someone elses turn to win who is more deserving this year, she shouldn’t win just because she’s Beyonce and just because she released an album, but hey she did get 2 nominations.

  • I agree with the author. Beyonce was robbed. The fact that the album wasn’t even nominated for Best R & B album Category is bogus. This was a solid work from Beyonce. Her most cohesive since Bday, and most mature ever. You can’t win em all. A snub, I suppose makes one appreciate the victories much more, and Beyonce has more grammy’s than all her peers.

  • Just because Beyonce releases an album everyone thinks she automatically deserves to win, that’s not how it works Beyonce is throwing out an album every year because she is greedy and wants more and more and more recognition and praise, I doubt it’s because she loves music anymore, she just wants the accolades.