5 Ultimate Date Meals

01/17/2012 9:50 AM |


On my podcast, Let’s Eat In, on Heritage Radio Network, every guest who’s ever been interviewed gets asked this: “What is the ultimate date meal?” The question has long been a fascination of mine, ever since I took a hiatus from restaurant food and everyone wondered how I intended to “date.” The show has surpassed 100 episodes recently, so now I’m armed with at least that many answers to the ultimate date meal at home.

Rather than focusing on the awkward choices of lighting your home or what to talk about, this study is purely about what kind of food is deemed the most date-worthy. I’ve asked cookbook authors, chefs, artisanal food-makers, and other folks somehow obsessed with food the exact same question. After taking in their wise answers, I’ve found several trends that are compiled into a top-five list of meal choices below.

Other trends to note might be the types of foods not mentioned by the guests. All told, none of the meals sounded very complicated to make. Nobody had much to say about offal, except for Julie Powell, who thought chicken livers were pretty hard to beat. And no one uttered the word “hamburger” once. It’s interesting that many of the women I interviewed blurted out a red meat, while men often leaned toward lighter foods and fresh salads. This is all a highly unscientific model, based on responses from my friends and colleagues in the food world. Should you dare listen to each episode (don’t), you might come to the same conclusion about what makes the hottest date as listed here.