50 Cent Photoshops First Portraits of Blue Ivy, is Still a Total Asshole

01/11/2012 2:15 PM |


Always one to show class and grace, 50 Cent took to Twitter this week to extend a hearty congratulations to his on-again-off-again nemesis* Jay-Z on the birth of his daughter. By the powers of Photoshop, he even included a few snapshots of Blue Ivy herself… which happen to be mad creepy, as you will see below. Poor girl. She’s already had a rough life, you know, with the witch snatching and all.

*As pointed out by Ben Sutton, the earliest existence of a Jay-Z/Fiddy feud was a line from the 1999 Jay-Z song “It’s Hot (Some Like it Hot)”: “Go against Jigga, yo ass is dense/I’m about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cents?” spurring a 13-year-long spat between the two. And children are supposed to bring people together!


[via The Stool Pigeon]

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