Another So So Glo Arrested

01/18/2012 12:32 PM |


Zach Staggers, drummer for the Brooklyn-based band the So So Glos, was arrested yesterday in Manhattan for jumping a turnstile. “We were getting on the L train at First Ave.,” guitarist Ryan Levine tells me. “The train was there so we were trying to catch it. As he hit the platform, two undercovers grabbed him. Zach almost talked his way out and told the cops his uncle was some big-time dude, but he had a warrant out for his arrest and he got taken to Manhattan Central Booking… He was wearing a very nice sweater.” (The warrant was for “pissing on the street, like in the summer or something.”) As of 11:10 a.m., Staggers was still in custody. For those looking to cheer him up upon his release, we know he likes these five things.

“We were on our way to practice at Shea Stadium, which never happened,” Ryan adds. “So me, Alex, and Matt just had beers with Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus instead.”

The last time a So So Glo was detained was in April, when Ryan was taken in after being stopped for an open container—actually an empty cup—near Shea Stadium. According to the band’s Twitter, this most recent arrest gives Zach a total of four; Ryan has two, Alex one, and Matt zero. “Who is leading,” they ask, “Matt or Zach?”

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