Better Than The Glitter Bomb: A New Musical Protesting North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment

01/27/2012 11:50 AM |

Though only North Carolinians will be able to vote on the state’s proposed anti-gay marriage amendment come May 8, assistant director of NC Amendment One: The Musical! and NYU student Joe Ehrman-Dupre made a fine point when he explained to NYU Local, the university’s unofficial blog, “Even if you aren’t a citizen of North Carolina, you are or can be supporters of marriage equality, a right being threatened all across our country.” Ehrman-Dupre and UNC Chapel Hill students Rachel Kaplan and Jordan Imbrey decided to write a musical in protest of the amendment, reinventing Mark Shaiman’s star-studded Prop 8: The Musical as a blueprint for their own. Prop 8 brought in a singing Jack Black to play Jesus, but the jewel in NC Amendment One‘s crown is easily George Washington, the musical’s crooner of reason, complete with his own cardboard boat. While glitter-bombing may be a temporarily satisfying way to piss off homophobic politicians, nothing sells “gay rights!” to the people like a good, old-fashioned song and dance in jaunty rainbow boxer shorts.

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