Company Making Barclays Center Tiles Goes Broke; Company Making Barclays Center Employees is Disney

01/04/2012 1:15 PM |

Whats that? No more weathered steel tiles? Fuck!

  • “What’s that? No more weathered steel tiles? Fuck!”

The news from the construction site at Atlantic and Flatbush this week is half bad, half sinister, and entirely unlikely to win the rising Barclays Center any new fans or season ticket subscribers: the company producing the Brooklyn Nets arena’s distinctive weathered steel tiles has gone out of business, potentially jeopardizing the venue’s fall 2012 opening date; and Barclays has hired Disney to help train employees and design their uniforms costumes.

Barclays Center employees, the Post reports, will be formed by the Walt Disney Company division that trains employees at the entertainment giant’s theme parks like Disneyland and Walt Disney World. “We want to create a magical experience where everyone is treated like a VIP no matter where they sit,” said Brett Yormark, Nets/Barclays CEO, “and no one does it better than Disney.”

The post is quick to note that none of the arena’s 1,500 full- and part-time employees will be donning cartoon character costumes, the Disney Institute will help to design Barlcays Center workers’ uniforms. You don’t wear a uniform — you wear a costume,” noted Disney Institute content specialist Tom D. Thomson. Oh. Sorry?

Even more worrisome/exciting than the prospect of a Disney-trained staff is Barclays’ reported interest in the theme park operator’s so-called 4-D technology, which really just means that events and performances at the arena may incorporate touch, taste and smell stimulants.

The sensory experiences could be basketball-related or for something as simple as buying ice cream, officials said.

If on opening day I can’t get two scoops of basketball-flavored ice cream I’m going to be very disappointed.

But, speaking of opening day, it might be delayed because ASI Limited, the Indiana-based company that’s been manufacturing the weathered steel plates that will cover the facade of the Barclays Center went out of business right after Christmas, Atlantic Yards Report reveals. It’s unclear how many of the weathered steel plaques the arena still needs, but finding a firm to finish the job may prove difficult.

As Barclays architects SHoP blogged last April,

Earlier this year ASI Limited, the facade contractor for Barclays Center, flipped the switch on for their custom built 2500′ linear conveyor system designed to accelerate the weathering process for the 12,000 individual panels and supporting rails that make up the weathering steel portion of the facade designed by SHoP Architects.

So, anyone with a spare 2,500-foot conveyor belt wanna help finish creating the Barclays Center’s steel uniform, er, costume?