Damien Hirst Laughs off David Hockney Attack, Blankets Globe in Spot Paintings

01/11/2012 3:58 PM |

Damien Hirst, his crystal skull and David Hockney.

  • Damien Hirst, his crystal skull and David Hockney.

A week ago today we noted that venerable British painter David Hockney had taken a shot at Damien Hirst in a radio interview—which he later denied—and though the shark embalmer didn’t respond at first, he’s now acknowledged his elder’s comment about his insulting use of assistants on the eve of a planet-spanning show of his assistant-made spot paintings.

“I read that, it made me laugh,” Hirst told the Wall Street Journal. “David is a friend and emailed me to say it was a light-hearted comment that was taken out of context.”

In case you’d like to put Hockney’s comments in context, you can visit any Gagosian location in the world—visit all 11 and win a prize!—to see Hirst’s The Complete Spot Paintings 1986-2011, which opens tomorrow at all the mega-gallery’s locations, including three in Manhattan, and continues through February 10.

And, just in time for the Spotpocalypse, the art world’s best vlogger Hennessy Youngman has finally broken his silence on Hirst, ridiculing him very enjoyably in his latest video, below—”As you know, internet, the boy Damien Hirst is going to be exhibiting his Spot paintings at all the Gagosian galleries worldwide simultaneously, like some perfect storm of banality.”

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