Giant Floating Eye Selected for Next High Line Billboard Commission

01/16/2012 9:47 AM |

Rendering of Anne Colliers new commission for the High Line Billboard, based on Developing Tray #2, (2009).

  • Rendering of Anne Collier’s new commission for the High Line Billboard, based on “Developing Tray #2,” (2009).

Last month John Baldessari’s $100,000 bill graced the High Line Billboard, cheekily turning a 25- by 75-foot space that’s often occupied by some luxury fashion label’s latest spokesmodel into a facsimile of the largest denomination ever printed by the U.S. mint. Next up for the High Line’s most highly visible public art space: a brand new commission (rendered above) by New York-based artist Anne Collier based on her 2009 photograph of a photograph of an eye soaking in a developing tray.

The work in question, “Developing Tray #2” (2009), was shown in 2010 in Collier’s show at Anton Kern Gallery, which is just two blocks from the High Line Billboard at Tenth Avenue and West 18th Street. Collier’s installation will be unveiled on February 1 and remain on view through February 29.

Between now and then another artist will make her High Line debut, when a selection of moving image artist Jennifer West‘s recent works begin screening on the High Line Channel—a video projection onto the side of an adjacent apartment building at West 22nd Street where, until January 24, parkgoers can watch Gordon Matta-Clark’s “City Slivers” (1976). The day after Matta-Clark’s work ceases to stream, a selection of West’s direct films will show daily from dusk until 10pm, through March 5. I highly recommend catching “City Slivers” before it stops screening—it’s a very surreal setting in which to see such a film, and as good an approximation of its original public showing on the side of Lower Manhattan’s Municipal Building as one could ask for.

(Image of “Developing Tray #2,” 2009, courtesy Anne Collier and Anton Kern Gallery.)

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