Greenpoint Residents Petitioning for Farmer’s Market

01/25/2012 12:19 PM |


Greenpoint residents have started a petition for a new farmer’s market in McGolrick, er, Winthrop Park, which they plan to present to the community board next week, the Brooklyn Paper reports. “Wouldn’t it be amazing to stroll into Winthrop/McGolrick on a Sunday morning and buy gorgeous produce, local honey, scrumptious bread, fresh seafood, pastured eggs, a plethora of mushrooms, hormone-free milk and sustainably raised meat?” asks the blog Greenpointers. (The answer is yes.) So far, 276 people have signed, and at least one member of the community board has voiced support. “You can get plenty of tomatoes on Manhattan Avenue, but you don’t know where they come from,” she said.

The community needs the support of GrowNYC, a private-public entity that runs the city’s greenmarkets. Potential hurdles include:

identifying a suitable location within the park or one the sidewalks around it, reaching out to interested farmers, and determining whether the area can attract enough foot traffic to support a market…determining that sidewalks are wide enough to accommodate 10-foot tents for each stall, if there are few other fresh food vendors nearby, and if there is “sufficient community support…”

Neighboring Williamsburg already has two greenmarkets: one on Havemeyer Street, another in McCarren Park.