Hear Oberhofer’s Surprisingly Elegant, Orchestrated, Beautiful “HEART”

01/18/2012 2:47 PM |


We’ve been waiting for a proper album from Brad Oberhofer for some time now, tipped off by his wide-eyed post-punk pop in the spring of 2010. More recently, we’ve been teased with comments about him listening to Tchaikovsky every night, about how his new songs have too many parts to execute live by himself, about how most of his demos have been re-worked into lusher, fuller arrangements. Even still, “HEART,” the opening track of his now officially announced full-length Time Capsules II, comes as a surprise. He wasn’t kidding about the arrangements. The erratic yelps of his early work are reined in and smoothed out, while refusing to let go of the Animal Collective reach-for-the-sky energy. It still feels like the song is about to explode, but that it’s going to do so beautifully, not violently. And it definitely doesn’t sound like a kid just out of the starting gate. Listen below and stay tuned for the album’s release on March 27 via Glassnote.

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HEART – Oberhofer by Glassnotemusic