Hear the F Train Speak in Middle Class Ennui

01/23/2012 10:55 AM |

Here it is, the latest, and one of the finest, of the MTA video genre. “F The F,” a “love/hate ode” to the F train, has finally captured the personality of the line as the fickle, seasonally depressed jerk straphangers know only too well. Creator Matthew Wollin, 24, explained the impetus for the video and his “unhealthy” relationship with the F to Runnin’ Scared:

“The genesis for the video — other than a considerable portion of my life spent on and waiting for the subway — was trying to get back home with a friend late one night, and there being an absurd number of route alterations, special announcements, and the like. At a certain point, the subway system begins to seem like a totally self-sufficient world where all the normal rules are off, and you are totally at the whim of unseen authorities who control the trains.”

We’ve been there, brother. At least now we know it’s not the MTA’s fault—if the F train wants to direct itself to New Jersey due to traffic, run on the G line due to boredom, or forfeit making helpful announcements due to middle class ennui, we’re just going to have to learn to live with (and love) the F for who it is.

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