Jersey Might Legalize Gay Marriage, Thanks to Our Governor

01/10/2012 12:03 PM |

Gay New Jersey! Whoo!

  • Gay New Jersey! Whoo!

Jersey democrats are going to reintroduce a marriage equality bill in the new legislative session, and people who know Jersey politics think it has a better chance of passing than the one two years ago. Weirdly, Gov. Cuomo is getting the credit?

Steven Goldstein, president of Garden State Equality, which strongly supports marriage equality, said it could be another state’s governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo of New York, who helps sway New Jersey legislators this time around. Cuomo pushed hard for passage of New York’s gay marriage law last year.

“You might call it the Andrew Cuomotization of legislators in New Jersey,” Goldstein said. “Andrew Cuomo has set the stage for the legislature in New Jersey and in other states, by championing the cause or marriage equality not begrudgingly but with gusto. And that’s happening in New Jersey now.”

Andrew Cuomo, the first person ever to believe gay people are actual people. What a hero! Somebody get this guy a Kwanzaa Cake!

Meanwhile and unsurprisingly, the Pope still hates it. Also abortion. Oh Papa. You’ve got the best hats and the worst opinions.