Listen to (and Download) NYCTaper’s Top 25 Concert Moments of 2011

01/03/2012 2:55 PM |


  • photo courtesy Maryanne Ventrice

While attempting to restrain from blogging about another year-end list, the four regular contributors at, New York’s cache of live music archives, have put together one that shouldn’t be passed up. For starters, there’s the obvious perk of being able to download the entries in a mix or individually. It’s a luxury we’ve come to take for granted from NYCTaper, one that seemed doomed when the site was hacked over the holidays. They seemed to have overcome though, as, per usual, the list is compiled from recorded selections in gleaming quality. Even better, it offers a chance to make up missed opportunities for those who weren’t there or cement fleeting memories for those who were. So we all get to sit in on what might’ve been the last Sonic Youth show ever in New York or an intimate moment with Cass McCombs at Bowery Ballroom. Or, say, Guided by Voices at Northside this summer, amirite? Check out the list here.