Man Surprised to Find Video of Himself on XTube

01/18/2012 12:07 PM |

This is only a reenactment.

  • This is just a reenactment.

Who among us doesn’t worry about this happening to them?. An unnamed man who was innocently browsing around XTube “for smut” (oh, Post!) was stunned to find a video of himself getting it on that he didn’t remember recording.

Eric Wilson, 44, had met the 24-year-old victim on the Web site XTUBE, and the two agreed to meet up at Wilson’s East 109th Street apartment on Christmas Eve, the sources said.

The victim showed up at the apartment at around 10 p.m. But he didn’t realize that Wilson had allegedly set up a hidden camera that recorded every sordid detail, the sources said.

He had the guy arrested, which, fair enough, but it does seem like somewhere within the infinity of universes there is a video of each of us banging some dude from XTube, and it’s only a matter of time before we each stumble across it. Best to mentally prepare yourself, and yes, of course that is what Borges would be writing about if he were still alive.