New Art Dealers Alliance Finally Plans New York City Art Fair for May

01/11/2012 1:33 PM |

NADAs previous visit to New York, in Hudson last summer.

  • NADA’s previous visit to New York, in Hudson last summer.

Just as Paddy predicted, there will be many more art fairs in New York City this year. First there was news that blockbuster London fair Frieze would venture across the ocean for Gallery Week in May, and now Miami powerhouse—and recent upstate transplant—the New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA) has thrown its hat into the early-May art fair fray.

In an email sent out to member galleries earlier this week NADA announced the plans for a New York City fair in May, Gallerist NY reports. The email revealed few additional details, but promised more information and registration forms in the next two weeks.

The choice of May, presumably the same week as Frieze (May 4-7), Gallery Week (May 6-8), and recently rescheduled fairs Pulse and Red Dot (both May 3-6), further fragments New York’s art fair season into two distinct hubs: Armory Week, with the Armory Show (March 8-11) and other satellite fairs in early March, and what I’m going to call Frieze Week for expediency’s sake, two months later. Now instead of one week of all-out art fair marathon craziness, we’ll have two! Yay?!

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