Notorious Brooklyn Navy Yard Dive Replaced by Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway

01/26/2012 3:46 PM |

Chains is inevitable.

  • Chains is inevitable.

J.J.’s Navy Yard Cocktail Lounge, a century-long tenant (famous dubbed “the scariest bar in Brooklyn” by the Times) at the corner of Flushing Avenue and Washington Street across from the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the main entrance to Steiner Studios until it was closed and promptly gutted in the fall of 2010, will soon be reborn as the newest locations of chain “restaurants” Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.

Mehrdad Shariati, whose family bought the building for $2 million in June 2010, tells the Brooklyn Paper:

It’s now going to be beautiful and fancy and nice. […] The bar is gone but I’m trying to bring the best retail and restaurants.

In addition to those purveyors of donuts and foot-longs, other possible tenants for the glassy, ground-floor retail space include “IHOP or high-end eateries a la “Times Square.'”

Navy Yard watchman of 24 years Jean Alcidas, a former patron of the dive bar and strip joint, welcomes the new food options. “J.J.’s had a lot of pretty, half-naked females, and it was fun. [..] But Dunkin’ Donuts is better for me than a strip club.”

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