NY Pediatrician Accused of Molesting Girls, Is Even Worse Than You Think

01/12/2012 11:25 AM |


Ugh, I just don’t even. I don’t have kids and this makes me want to buy a bunch of molestation-proof habitat bubbles. Take it away, Reuters:

A New York pediatrician is facing federal charges of sexually abusing his young female patients by photographing and filming them naked in the privacy of his clinic and then filing fraudulent insurance claims in their name, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

It gets worse:

Punn was originally arrested in July 2010 at his home in Bethpage on New York’s Long Island by Nassau County police, and was charged last year by the district attorney of sexually abusing girls as young as 11 that had been sent to him for medical care, sometimes drugging them before filming and photographing them.

And even worse than that:

Evidence in the case against Dr. Rakesh Punn, 53, includes a “how-to” guide on molestation he was writing on his computer which incorporated passages from the Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian sex treatise, prosecutors said.

When it started raining-not-snowing-in-January last night, I thought to myself man, we really have to get this global warming shit sorted out. But now I feel like maybe fuck it, let’s just let this whole thing sink under the rising oceans and start fresh in a couple hundred years. Ugh.