Obama’s Musical Celebrity Supporter Wish List Includes Arcade Fire

01/18/2012 3:35 PM |

My name is Barack Obama, and I approve this playlist.

  • My name is Barack Obama, and I approve this playlist.

Whatever problems the left has had with Obama in recent months, (for Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters it was that the President was lacking in “cojones”), the POTUS’ leaked musical celebrity supporter wish list serves as a reminder that, oh right, he’s still got our interests at heart. Rolling Stone reports that the President has sent campaign donors a list of ideal musical supporters, including Vampire Weekend, Janelle Monae, the Roots and Arcade Fire (who gives a crap if they’re Canadian?). Apparently, Lady Antebellum also made the list, but we’d like to think that was some aide going, “You know, you really should include the mediocrity-worshiping country demographic,” and Obama saying, “Yeah, whatever!” while lovingly lowering the needle down on The Suburbs for the fifth time that day and fantasizing about a basketball match with Win Butler. Yeah, that’s probably definitely how it happened.

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