Once-Controversial Park Slope Night Club Now “Napa Valley-Style” Eatery

01/12/2012 1:49 PM |

The bad old Prime 6 days

  • The bad old Prime 6 days

In one of our top news stories of last year, Park Slope residents battled a developer over his plans to turn an old video store on Flatbush Avenue (on the Prospect Heights border) into a nightclub that would attract a “hoops and hip-hop crowd” from the nearby, soon-to-open Barclays Center. The space finally opens this Sunday, the Park Slope Patch reports, but the plans have been, uh, tweaked: Prime 6, which would have featured bottle service, late hours, and hot chicks, has been reborn as Woodland, what the Brooklyn Paper calls a “farm-to-table eatery,” a “Napa Valley-style” restaurant serving bison burgers and fresh-fish that will lock its doors at midnight on weekends.

The radical transformation—more concessionary even than previously reported compromises—makes total business sense, I guess, even if I may have made light of the idea before: why try to impose something on your neighbors that they clearly reject? Why not just do whatever they tell they want you to, so you can take their money? I’ll just get my bottle service elsewhere!