R.I.P. Pepper Rabbit, The Band You’d Never Heard Of But Should Now That They’re Done

01/03/2012 2:07 PM |


Pepper Rabbit may have been a band that made only a brief blip on the indie screen, if acknowledged at all, as Brooklyn Vegan commenters have already had the pleasure of pointing out, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a nod, especially now that they’ve officially broken up.

Frontmen Xander Singh and Luc Laurent produced two albums over the past two years as Pepper Rabbit, touring with the likes of Passion Pit, Ra Ra Riot and Freelance Whales. Beauregard and Red Velvet Snowball never received due attention from Pitchfork, but garnered positive reviews from other regions of the blogosphere for their rich, orchestral sound delivered in charming pop packages (and, yes, extra points for tasteful use of clarinet.) Explaining the cause of Pepper Rabbit’s demise, Singh sent out a Facebook message that included his thoughts on the predicament of being a smaller indie band on the current scene.

“It’s very hard to be an ‘indie band’ these days,” Singh wrote. “You spend 100% of your time trying to get the band to another level, 75% of the time on tour losing money, and the rest of your time in either complete elation, or complete doubt.”

The L got to know the band better when they stopped by our own Northside Festival this past summer and sat in for a stripped down acoustic performance in the backyard of Williamsburg’s Lucky Dog Bar. Despite the awkwardness of first introductions in the pouring rain, it easily turned out to be one of the best sessions we had. Check out the video after the jump.

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