Terminal 5 Was the Best Venue in the World Last Year, Says List

01/13/2012 2:09 PM |

As good as it gets (according to Pollstar)

  • As good as it gets (according to Pollstar)

Pollstar, a ticket-tracking android to which every major venue in the world is to report their box office sales, has released their list of the top venues in 2011 — “club” venues, that is (as opposed to arenas). According to them, Midtown hangar Terminal 5 sold 268,973 tickets last year, and that makes it number one in all the land. If you find yourself there this weekend for the Girls show and your view is blocked by one of the giant support columns, you must just be looking at the stage wrong.

Opened in 2007 by Bowery Presents, the 3,000-capacity space landed at the number three spot just after two years of operation — a surprise to even Pollstar — before rising to number one in 2010 for a repeat victory just now. Its rank can’t be all that surprising as far as ticket sales go, given that it’s continuously drawn some of the biggest players in indie-rock since opening. LCD Soundsystem might’ve had something to do with it too.

Best Buy Theater wound up at number eight (what?), while Webster Hall, Music Hall of Williamsbrug, City Winery, Joe’s Pub and Roseland Ballroom all found themselves in the top 100, allowing New York to claim more venues on the list than any other city. Noticeably missing is Music Hall’s mainland counterpart Bowery Ballroom, which seems strange. Otherwise, good on you, New York, for still spending money on music.

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