The L’s 10 Most Read Blog Posts of 2011

01/04/2012 8:59 AM |

We’ve told you our favorite albums, movies, and exhibits. We told you what we thought were the biggest local news stories of the year. But what about you? Isn’t the internet all about indulging you about what you thought? Here are our most read blog posts of 2011.

Ben Weasel, Big Man

  • Ben Weasel, Big Man

10. “The L Mag Questionnaire for Writer Types: Drew Magary
This Q&A, timed to a BookCourt reading, did almost all of its traffic in a single day, thanks to Twitter. It’s heartening to know people use the internet, and Twitter, to read about readerly things.

9. “What Happened at Penn State is Not a Sex Scandal
In which our popular sex columnist Audrey Ference slams MSM for not realizing that “raping children is not a sex scandal!”

8. “Joe Queer Defends Ben Weasel, Reasonable People Everywhere Wonder Why They Ever Listened to This Shit in the First Place
Controversially, the editorial position at The L is that hitting women is a bad thing, a position advocated by our music editor in this post, a follow-up to the year’s fifth most popular (see below).

7. “Street Artist Installs New Firmer MTA Maps at Subway Entrances
This was a highbrow penis joke. And the internet <3s penis jokes.

6. “Jeff Koons Sues SF Gallery Over Balloon Dog Bookends
We’re a popular blog for art news, especially when the news involves everybody’s favorite artist to hate, Jeff Koons, acting like a jerk.

5. “Screeching Weasel Frontman Punches Two Women During SXSW Show, Issues Apology with No Specific Mention of Having Punched Two Women
So this guy hit a woman, and we were all like, “hey, that’s fucked up,” but then people were like, “yo I’ll hit a bitch” and other people were like “what’s wrong with you?” and then other people were like “I’m a woman and I don’t need your protection.” So exhausting. America can’t even agree about the morality of beating up women anymore.

4. “Could New York State Legalize Medical Marijuana?
More than penises, the internet likes weed, as demonstrated by the popularity of this (combative!) Q&A with a state senator who wants it to be made available by prescription for chronic ailments.

3. “Top 10 Names for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Child
Internet crack. The text could have been lorem ipsum and it still would have been a huge hit, though our Beyonce Editor Ben Sutton’s deft listicling surely helped it spread by word of mouth.

2. “Biking in a Skirt, Slut Walks, and Dressing How You Please
Good for you, internet, for proving that more than penises, marijuana and Beyonce, you care about women not being blamed for their own sexual harassment and assault. “If a scantily clad woman makes it so you can’t not rape her,” Ms. Ference wrote, “you are the problem.”

1. “An Amateur’s Investigation into Coachella Rumors
This being The L, it makes sense our most trafficked post would be about music, eh? That’s what so many of you come to us for, right?

You might have noticed that I didn’t write any of the above posts. That’s totally fine; I don’t read what you guys write, either.