The Things Brooklyn Murder Victims Leave Behind

01/18/2012 1:49 PM |

Whisks Interior (photo: Ditmas Park Blog)

Ditmas Park’s Whisk Cafe will sell all of its fixtures, appliances and miscellany this Saturday, the Ditmas Park Blog reports, closing another chapter in the sad story of Joshua Rubin, who owned the cafe. He had gone missing on Halloween; his body was identified just before Christmas as the one that had turned up severely burned in Pennsylvania on All Saint’s Day, puzzling local investigators.

The sale isn’t the only poignant reminder of tragedy provoked by the things left behind by a recent high-profile Brooklyn murder victim.

Deloris Gillespie, the woman burned to death in her Prospect Heights apartment building elevator by a disturbed and disgruntled neighbor, left behind a cat, the Prospect Heights Patch reports. The steel-gray Maine Coon mix, BuBu, was still in Gillespie’s apartment, in need of a new owner. A post yesterday on Brooklynian says the cat has found a home.