Tumblr T-Rex Trying Illustrates Tough Chores for Stubby-Armed Giant

01/30/2012 4:00 PM |

(Courtesy Hugh Murphy)

  • (Courtesy Hugh Murphy)

Life is hard for the Tyrannosaurus rex: not only are all its buddies extinct, but every visit to Jurassic Park ends in tragedy. And then there are all the little things, like trying to make balloon animals, trying to put on a cardigan, trying to floss, trying to shuffle a deck of cards, which are all impossible due to T-Rex’s tiny arms, and hilariously illustrated by Hugh Murphy on his Tumblr T-Rex Trying. It all started one week ago with T-Rex trying to paint his house (above) which was the first such joke exchanged between Murphy and his brothers that he decided to draw. You’ll recall that I more or less predicted this earlier this month, when I projected that 2012 would be an exceptionally good year for dinosaur art. (TDW)

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