Van Halen Is Playing a 250-Cap Theater on Thursday; We Were Not Invited

01/03/2012 1:01 PM |


Surely you’ve seen the Van Halen billboard in Times Square over the holidays, yes? Surely. But the question still lingers, What does it mean? Rolling Stone reports that a bunch of New York-based journalists, us not included, have been invited to see the band play at the 250-capacity Cafe Wha? on Thursday. Wha? Ha. The Greenwich Village bar was formerly operated by David Lee Roth’s uncle (Uncle Manny), so at least that part makes sense. It’ll be their first public appearance since wrapping up a reunion tour in ’08 with Roth, though they’ve been practicing for a world tour over the last few months at the Roxy in L.A. We assume that means there’s a new album in the works. Judging from the billboard pictured at the right, we’ll guess a February 7 release date. We’ll also assume you won’t be the first in line to buy it, and that is ok.