Why Do I Hate This Scissor Sisters Song the Rest of the Internet Seems to Like So Much?

01/03/2012 1:31 PM |


Yesterday afternoon, the Internet gave us “Shady Love,” a new single from the Scissor Sisters featuring 20-year-old Harlem-based rapper Azealia Banks. Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive: Stereogum called it “huge,” Maura over at the Voice has already suggested that it’s “The First Great Pop Song of 2012,” and the Guardian finds it positively “thrilling.” The thing, though, is that it’s actually terrible!

Or maybe it’s not, I don’t know. I’m growing super tired of this thing everyone (on the internet) does where they state their opinion as if it were indisputable fact, so I will simply say that the seemingly across-the-board appeal of this song remains largely a mystery to me. It’s built on a totally run-of-the-mill electro/house instrumental track, and theoretically brought to life by Jake Shears’ rapping, which I guess is purposefully sort of stiff and nerdy, with rhymes about nip-slips and, oh god, boobies. In a way, he’s playing on the same field as Ke$ha, only with much worse jokes. Then the hook, sung by Banks, is of the predictably self-serious variety, with the dramatic delivery and over-the-top production that immediately causes me to roll my eyes. Also, it’s too long. The video, which everyone also seems to really like, is below.

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  • That’s basically what I’ve thought about every single Scissor Sisters song I’ve ever heard. It’s all so self-satisfied and aggressively cutesy about how camp and POP it is that they’re making a super disco/electro/whatever homage with plenty of self-conscious cheese. It’s all a bit too much for me (admittedly, probably not the target audience for this kind of thing, but still).

    I will say, though, that the thing people do “where they state their opinion as if it were indisputable fact”… I mean, that’s pretty much what stating an opinion is like unless you want to add “IMHO” or “I think” to everything, which makes for some horrible writing. I wonder if you’re reacting to lack of support for these opinions, which is a different if related problem (acting like reasons for opinions are self-evident and therefore not worth discussing).

  • You nailed it. I felt the same way upon watching the video. I definitely thought the song and video was way too long and way below average. As far as the track goes I can’t break it down the way you do as I am just a casual music fan, but as a filmmaker I thought the video was terrible.

    So much promise until they pulled the curtain back to reveal bad lighting and terrible choreography. I get that it was partially intentional, but there is still a way to keep the DIY feel and make it look cool. Rushmore, and the video “No Rain” by blind Melon are just a couple of examples of making the High School stage look cool in a vintage DIY way. And on top of this I was really disappointed when I didn’t see Azelia Banks who I love or the Scissor Sisters making at least a cameo.

  • Sounds like a watered down version of Green Velvet’s ‘La La Land’.

  • conklin, I doubt your commitment to sparklemotion