A Brief Tribute to Benjamin Sutton

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02/17/2012 3:35 PM |

Although he may try to slip out without saying goodbye, today is in fact Ben Sutton’s last day at The L Magazine; he’s leaving us to become Senior Editor of Brooklyn Art News, Bike Wars, 90s Hip-Hop and Listicles at Top10BushwickGalleryBikeTours.Info.Vibe, a new startup website reverse-engineered around this human-shaped lump of SEO gold.

Now, he’s too modest to ever talk about this, but: Ben, as you know, has a deep love of the cinema, especially animation; he’s a dedicated cyclist; and he’s a fluent Francophone, having spent a significant portion of his youth in France. It is for all these reasons, along with his frankly astonishing uncomplaining indefatigability, that Ben Sutton, before coming to The L, was cast in the role of “Champion” in The Triplets of Belleville:


Till our next rendez-vous.

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