Bruce Springsteen Has Better Guitar Poses Than Everyone Else, And Now We Will Look at Some of Them

02/10/2012 1:15 PM |


This morning Bruce Springsteen released the video for “We Take Care of Our Own,” the first single off his forthcoming album, Wrecking Ball (due out March 5th). It’s a perfectly enjoyable song, sitting squarely in that sweet mid-tempo rocker spot that he’s always been so good at hitting. It sort of bothers me that in a lot of ways he’s gone back to the “Born in the U.S.A.” well again, concealing a critique of government policy with language and a general tone that lots of people will mistake for exactly the opposite of what it is. There’s something cynical about it—and it’s not his implication that we don’t actually take care of our own, rather his perhaps self-serving willingness to be misunderstood. (Watch the video here, and get a load of those guitar poses! So good.)

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