L TV: Behind the Cover with Sharon Van Etten

02/01/2012 11:10 AM |


So, you probably know by now that Sharon Van Etten sings. But did you also know that she sets fire to books entitled How To Improve Your Man In Bed, beats the shit out of punching bags and sips whiskey out of the bottle with a straw? That’s what we here at The L Magazine call a photo shoot, dear reader. (Okay, yes, we did make her do these things, but she agreed, all right?) For the cover of the latest issue of The L, in which Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak interviewed the singer-songwriter, Sharon came over to Trumbull Studio for a particularly destructive photography session. You can watch the exclusive, whiskey-fueled giggle-fest of a video after the jump, which also features, I might add, a very miniature and very cute dog.

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