Last Night on 2 Broke Girls: Jokes That Are Barely Even Jokes!

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02/28/2012 12:27 PM |


How can something so right go so wrong? Last night’s episode, “And the One Night Stand was full of sex jokes, made mentioned of ice cream and baseball, and even featured a visit to a prison—yet it was no better than any other episode of 2 Broke Girls. Which is to say it was terrible. But in a delightful way!

#5. “She called me up, and we made hand love.”
Idea: all of the non-Max and Caroline characters should get spinoffs. Earl could dress up in drag in order to join a musical group with Sheryl Crow and whichever member of Heart is currently available in No Man’s Band (CBS, Tuesdays at 8 p.m.), and Oleg and Sofi could run away from Brooklyn, all the way to the suburban paradise that is Staten Island to become hand models in Hand Love (CBS, Thursdays at 9 p.m.). I would most assuredly DVR and never watch both.

#4. “Han, I don’t have enough money to throw a party. I don’t even have enough money to throw a baseball.”
That literally doesn’t mean ANYTHING.

#3. “You really put the hoe in Kinko’s.”
Does Kinko’s exist anymore? Isn’t it FedEx Office now? Here’s a snippet of dialogue from next week’s episode: “Damn, Caroline, that was such a bad car accident, you put the ‘dent’ in National Student Marketing Corporation.”

#2. “Look, we just passed a Carvel.”
“What’s a Carvel?”

Wait, wait, wait. I can buy a lot of shit that 2 Broke Girls throws at us, but I can’t accept that someone, in this case Caroline, doesn’t know what Carvel is, no matter how rich they were.

#1. “Max, you know what we have to do.”
“Oh man, I knew this day would come. All right, what’s the least amount I can do to keep my job? Tell me when it’s over…”

ACK. Yet again, the writers have thrown aside the integrity of one of the show’s two main characters for a crappy, easy joke. In this case, it’s Max, who believes that Han has cornered her in the pantry to have sex with her, so she can keep her job. “HAHAHA,” we’re supposed to bellow, “I really love it when this show allows its characters to be basically raped so they can keep their waitressing jobs. CLASSIC.”

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