Map Charting New York City Buildings’ Energy Consumption Lets You Spy on Your Wasteful Neighbors

02/06/2012 12:50 PM |

Manhattan is in the red.

  • Manhattan is in the red.

Intuitively, you can imagine that Manhattan, with its greater residential density and concentration of large office buildings, sucks up a lot more energy than other boroughs, but that’s never been so easy (or pretty) to visualize as it is now with this new map by Columbia University’s Modi Research Group. And while the block-by-block breakdown is interesting, the real revelations here—which might turn neighbors against each other—are to be found in the building-by-building electricity and fuel consumption figures.

Whats going on, 244 Adelphi Street?

  • What’s going on, 244 Adelphi Street?

So, to take a totally random block of a randomly selected neighborhood, you’ll note that the inhabitants of 244 Adelphi Street in Fort Greene are vastly out-consuming everyone else on their block, often by a factor of ten or more. What are you doing in there, 244?

Check out the stats for buildings on your block right here.


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