Meet Justin Vernon’s Parents, Who Will Probably Remind You of Your Parents

02/06/2012 2:25 PM |

Of all the accolades Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon has piled up in recent months (like playing Saturday Night Live this weekend, for one), none comes packaged with such a beaming sense of pride as this local news segment from Vernon’s hometown, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, which, in the week leading up to the Grammys, takes us “At Home with the Vernons” to brief viewers on the top nominee‘s upbringing. I might not be a huge Bon Iver fan, but I am now a huge fan of his parents. Watch an extended version here, in which Mrs. Vernon remembers sitting around the table folding and stuffing the first 500 copies of For Emma, Forever Ago with good-natured aplomb. Five years later, and she’s maybe concerned how many times her son said “fuck” in the press last week?

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