Sharon Van Etten Pulls An Early Bon Iver, Performs Intimate, Fireside Blogotheque Set

02/10/2012 2:32 PM |

Do you guys remember that Bon Iver video from long ago, the one where he played an intimate set for a dimly-lit room full of entranced Parisians sitting on the floor? The year was 2008, and Justin Vernon was performing a Soirée de Poche (or pocket concert) for filmmaker Vincent Moon and friends. The windows were open, and the small kitchen overlooked the Parisian skyline at dusk. Honestly, it was that footage that made me listen to “Skinny Love” more times on repeat than I ever had before. But now, Brooklyn singer-songwriter (and L Mag favorite) Sharon Van Etten has followed in Vernon’s footsteps, playing a small, fireside Soirée de Poche for another room of awestruck Francophones. The video of her set, released today, begins with a stunning, a cappella version of “For You,” off of Van Etten’s first album, Because I Was In Love, that will render you speechless. Regardez. [via La Blogothèque]

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